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1980.12 Established Kyung Jin Electronics Co.,Ltd.
1984.02 Started to manufacture headphones and earphones
1989.11 Awarded the certification of US$1milion export from president of Korea
1994.04 Acquired a patent of developing headset (KJ-930)
1996.06 Changed the name of the company as ‘Kyung Jin Electron Co.,Ltd’.
1999.03 Established a joint venture company at China with Chinese government.
2000.11 Awarded the certificatioin of US$1milion export from president of Korea
2002.06 Established factory in Shenzhen, China (100% invested by Kyung Jin Electron Co.,Ltd.)
2006.08 The relocation of the factory in China
2006.08 KJ Headset received a certification of the “CE” mark
2007.04 Established KJ Communication (HK) Co., Ltd. in Hong Kong
2009.10 Headset&Telephone CCC factory evaluation
2010.01 Established KJ Communication in USA
2010.03 The expansion of the Q.C and the promotion departments.
2011.01 The participation in CES Exhibition
2012.04 The relocation and the expansion of the factory
2013.10 The participation in Hong Kong Electronics Fair