Build your hopes on Kyung Jin Electron. Our goal is to support your business to achieve great prosperity and happiness.

Ladies and Gentlemen,We, Kyung Jin Electron, give you special thanks to everyone as in December 2020, we are celebrating our 40 years anniversary.

In the beginning, KJ started with manufacturing plugs, headphones, earphones and computer speakers, then focused and specialized on call center headsets in 1996.

Kyung Jin has been standing strong since the first day it was established in 1980. It has been 40 years. This astonishing achievement was not accomplished by ourselves, but achieved with our partners and customers all around the world.

Coming from the 40 years, we set our slogan “Serve more widely and deeply”. We are going to serve our customers by manufacturing better products with humble mind and serve our teams as our own family members. Also, more ways to pay back the love that we received will be found and set to those in need.

With all the experiences and knowledges from various cases all around the world, we have understood and satisfied customers’ specific needs and requests. In addition, continuing investment on R&D and facilities will take KJ to more stabilized and advanced position in the industry.
Including corded headsets, USB headsets and Bluetooth headsets, there are about 30 headset products that we currently manufacture. We promise our customers to keep producing eco-friendly and high-tech products in the future.

Our only concern is to make the greatest products as a call center headset specialist. This is the only mission that we have in our mindset, and we promise not to let our customers down. All members of our company deeply appreciate this to be the most trustworthy and diligent company. I know we are not perfect, and we need your help and support.

Once again, I sincerely and humbly thank everyone who led us to become who we are today.

Thank you.

Kyung Jin Electron Co., Ltd.
N-Sia Communication (S.Z.) Co., Ltd.
KJ Headset HK Limited
President / CEO
Ki Jin Lee